Colorado Club

Colorado Club

My friend who offers towing services in Montreal was telling me how he finds the vibe in Colorado Club to be similar to several clubs in Montreal. I told him I felt it was more like Miami. Both party centrals in their own right. There are grand stages where performances take place like in many Miami clubs and several rooms with different kinds of music to select from depending on your mood like what is found in Montreal nightclubs. I haven’t been to many clubs in Montreal myself but he has had the privilege of going into quite a few so I can’t really argue with him. That’s why I trust his judgement on this and use him as a reference point. I personally have been to Miami several times so my experience lies there. But I must say, Colorado Club definitely has that kind of vibe. The kind of high-end party vibe you find in those types of clubs.

Colorado Club is located on the northern tip of the island. They have everything you could ever want for the most mindblowing stay you could have on the island. Not only do they have the night club where they play live Rock, House and RnB, but they also have a Four Seasons Hotel with amazing views and a Cafe & Bakery where you can grab a midnight snack and satisfy your sweet tooth. And the best part is that they, the Bakery that is, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now tell me that isn’t reason alone to check out this place. I don’t know about you but dessert around the clock sounds kind of good to me.

So where does all of this go down? As mentioned above, they are located at the tip top of the island. This all takes place at 57 Orfanidou Street, Rhodes. You can reach them at +30 224 1075120 or hit them up by email

Hope you have as much fun as I’m sure you will. All liquored up and in a sugar coma. No worries, stumble up to your room and call it a night.

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